Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Read any good books lately??

Update and Thankful Thursday Challenge +pics...

So I haven't been posting for good reason. I just got back from a long fun-filled weekend spent in Nashville, TN. I loved the atmosphere in Music City and would move there if I could, but considering my feelings on change and how much my Mama would miss me it would never work out. In Nashville I attended the Creating Keepsakes Convention. Last year I went to the convention in Valley Forge and LOVED it. So I thought why not make this year's a weekend getaway. Everyone should attend one of their conventions if you have the opportunity. You can network with so many crafters and learn a ton, not to mention find awesome deals on supplies. KUDOS to my loving hubby who attended the convention with me, that's dedication right there. On our way to TN, the looooong 12 hour drive, I cleaned out my email inbox multiple times lol and was delighted to find a Thankful Thursday challenge on the Crazy About Cricut Blog. I knew once I saw the subject I just had to participate....

The challenge was to create a unique bookmark. I absolutely love to read so this was right down my alley! One of my biggest frustrations when reading is coming to a word I do not know. Especially if I'm at a crucial part of the story, the last thing I want to do is stop reading and look up the particular word. I usually jot it down and most likely it gets covered by mail or papers and I  forget to look it up. So the idea for my bookmark came to be. I thought it would be a great idea to include a pocket on the back of the bookmark to have a handy place for my new vocabulary list. Second it was very important that I have an inspirational quote on my bookmark. Starting and ending my day with a good quote can make all the difference in my mood and how I approach the day. So here it is, my creation! :)

I can't wait to use it for my new read, ROOM by Emma Donoghue. Anyone read this and care to give your opinion? Well until next time goodnight and angels on your pillow.

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  1. I love the story behind your bookmark! What a great idea for the little pocket. I remember reading in college and having an endless list of vocab words. Great bookmark.

    Thanks for joining in on our Thankful Thursday Challenge.
    Cheryl - Thankful Thursday Design Team Member