Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Merry Christmas in July!

So I guess it's that time to get shopping. Perhaps I will take advantage and not be shopping til Christmas Eve like I do every year. I'm such a procrastinator and I hate it. I work so much better under pressure, but I'm not so crazy about the stress and headaches it brings.

December also marks Miss Ella's first birthday. Wow how time flies!!! Wonder what theme my sister is going to pick? Right now she's in love with Sprout TV and Star. Of course she can't tell us, but you can just tell she is more content when she can hear Nina and Star on TV. All I know is my niece is going to be one spoiled birthday girl. Plus she's got Christmas right around the corner as well. What a lucky kid!

On our way to Pittsburgh the other day we passed a flea market, and boy was I surprised and very pleased when hubs interrupted my reading and suggested we stop to take a look. I didn't find anything but this cute Christmas stamp and just in time for Christmas in July celebrations. I threw this quick card together to get myself in the Christmas crafting mood.

Okay I must be crazy for posting at 3am. Late evening naps ruin my chances for sleeping every time. Good night!! Angels on your pillows!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I also became a new follower. Looking forward to your creations!