Friday, July 15, 2011

Perfection...does it exist?

So today as I was flipping through the pages of my Creating Keepsakes, Creative Spaces issue I was introduced to a new term, standbooker. Do you ever find yourself standing as you scrapbook? Thus, a standbooker! Most of the time I'll stand during my paper crafting in order to get that mat/title laid perfectly straight or to get a better view of how my project is shaping up. This brings up my second point. Does perfection in scrapbooking even exist??? Scrapbooking is a hobby so does it even make sense to get stressed out and bent out of shape if something on your page is crooked or you ran out of a particular letter to make a word in your title? In general I would consider myself to have a "Type A personality." Sometimes I have a hard time understanding where my creative side even fits in. Last year when I attended the Creating Keepsakes convention I remember my friend constantly trying to get me to stress less and just enjoy what I was doing. Who cares if my projects did not look like the sample? But howwwwww could I do this? I'm a perfectionist in every sense of the word! I still find myself from time to time anxious as I scrapbook but then I remember what Rachel told me and try (key word) to not worry about that little imperfection on my page. I'm the only one that will notice it right? The longer I have been involved in scrapbooking the more creative I become at fixing my mistakes. I'm sure many of you have misspelled a word as you journaled or decided to move something after it was stuck to the page with what seems like the strongest adhesive known to man. What to do?? Use what's in your scrapbooking arsenal of course to mend that mistake, and in my own experience at least, the finished product is cuter than what you initially thought up! Again, I am brought back to my original point and after much reflection provided with an answer. Perfection in scrapbooking does NOT exist!! It is your project so it is what YOU make it.

I am in the midst of my glorious staycation. Six days off from work during Arts Fest, I think I'm in heaven. I love seeing all the talent plus it gets my own creative juices flowing. Oh and you can't forget the wonderful music, food, and sidewalk sales. I'd say this is right down my alley!!  Hopefully no rain and it is a beautiful weekend. Two of my greatest friends are coming to visit too, Kristen and Lindsey. It's going to be a great time with great friends creating great memories. I'll be there with my camera capturing every one of them. :)

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