Sunday, May 29, 2011


So I'll be starting summer in a relaxed and refreshed frame of mind. Tim and I just arrived back home from a week spent in Riviera Maya where we celebrated a friend's wedding. What a beautiful place to get married. The ceremony was so unique and unlike any wedding I have ever been too. While in Mexico I did something I thought I would never do. On our excursion we went zip lining. It had to be one of the most unnerving and thrilling experiences of my life thus far. First we had to climb a huge tower of wooden steps. Well that is something I hate immensely! The height doesn't really bother me, but feeling unsteady climbing the steps turns my legs to jello. The steps being wooden just added to my anxiety. Once we finally got to the platform I was shaking life a leaf as I watched my friends go before me. You went on 3 zip lines, each one longer than the others. The menacing hum of the zip line as well as the speed intensified each time. Talk about scary!!! Would I do it again?? Heck yes!!! Along with the zip line we toured the ancient Mayan city of Tulum, swam in the Cenote, a river in an underground cave, and rappelled. Zip lining was one thing, but the rappelling I didn't do. I didn't find hanging off a 70ft tower all that exciting. Swimming in the Cenote was another amazing experience. It makes you truly appreciate the beauty of nature and was cool and refreshing after sweating our butts off as we walked through the Mayan ruins. I wanted to do another excursion swimming with dolphins, but Tulum was Tim's pick and we went out our last day of vacation. In return he offered to take me to Discovery Cove sometime this summer. Another weekend getaway, can't beat that! Well I'm glad our last day of vaca was exciting because on our way home we got delayed at the Dallas airport and spent 7hours there. What a nightmare. We finally got home around 3am.

Earlier in May I attended a 24hour crop for National Scrapbook month. I can't believe it. My wedding scrapbook is DONE!! Now onto the honeymoon which will probably take just as long because I take too many pictures. What am I saying?? I live by the phrase you can NEVER have too many pictures. :)

Other things I had going on this month was hosting book club which I did the week we got back from vacation. Remind me never to do that again! Unpacking and laundry on top of cleaning the house, making snacks, and finishing my reading took so much out of me. Lucky to be off this weekend to recoup. However, you know that Memorial Day weekend is never quiet. 3 picnics this weekend. Lucky for me it's been relaxing sitting with friends & family chit-chatting and holding my baby niece.

A congrats also goes out to my cousin Amanda. She graduated middle school and starts high school next year. When Tim and I started dating she was such a sweet little girl. She's growing up way too fast. So add that to the list, we went to her ceremony and graduation party Friday night too!

I must say juggling all of that makes me feel pretty good about myself. Although is it too much to ask for a weekend of nowhere to go and nothing to do, sitting in my pjs and watching scary movies all day.

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